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Confidentiality of Genetic Information - Mo. Rev. Stat. §375.1309

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The statute above addresses the responsibility of insurance companies and others to maintain the confidentiality of genetic information contained in medical records or any other type of record.

According to the statute, genetic information held by any person in the ordinary course of business must be maintained as a confidential medical record.  As such, the information may not be disclosed without the written authorization of the individual to whom the genetic information relates.  However, the statute does allow for disclosure without authorization in the following situations:

  • the genetic information is compiled as statistical data and makes no reference to an individual
  • the genetic information is part of research complying with the Common Rule or using databases in which individual identities have been removed or encrypted
  • release is pursuant to a legal or regulatory process
  • release is for the purpose of body identification

Current as of June 2015