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Confidentiality and Disclosure Requirements for Personal, Medical, Financial, or Social Records Maintained by a Nursing Home Facility - Mo. Rev. Stat. §198.032

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All personal, medical, financial, or social records maintained by a nursing home facility must be kept confidential, and may only be disclosed if the patient is not identified or pursuant to a court order.  However, records must be accessible to the following for inspection and copying:    

  1. The Department of Health and Senior Services;
  2. Attorney General;
  3. Department of Mental Health;
  4. Law enforcement;
  5. The resident, or his or her guardian;
  6. General Assembly (for financial records).

Reports regarding complaints, substantiated acts of abuse or neglect, and complaints regarding the quality of care provided to nursing home residents, must be publicly accessible.  However, the reports may not identify the complainant or the resident.  The Department must maintain a centralized, electronic registry that contains information related to investigations of abuse or neglect.  All reports made by telephone of allegations of neglect or abuse must be kept for one year.  The Department must make attempts to identify the complainant’s name and address, but must ensure that this information remains confidential.

Current as of June 2015