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Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information and Records Maintained by Rehabilitation or Treatment Facilities - Mo. Rev. Stat. §199.033

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Information and records maintained by rehabilitation or treatment facilities for patients who have suffered from brain injuries must be kept confidential.  The facilities may disclose confidential information to the following:

1.      The parent of a minor patient;

2.      Guardian or legal custodian of a patient;

3.      Attorney of a patient in juvenile custody or of a patient who is mentally incompetent;

4.      Attorney or personal physician of a patient.

The facility may disclose information or records under the following circumstances:

1.      With the patient’s authorization;

2.      For treatment purposes;

3.      For insurance claim purposes;

4.      To qualified personnel for scientific research or financial auditing;

5.      To the courts;

6.      To law enforcement or public health officers;

7.      To the Department of social services or Department of health and senior services for reporting allegations of abuse or neglect.

The facility must document the date and purpose of any disclosures of mental health records made under the law.

Current as of June 2015