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Confidentiality of and Access to Mental Health Records - 14-472-1 Me. Code R. § 1

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This regulation provides for the confidentiality of records pertaining to mental health patients who are children. Mental health information is confidential and privileged to the patient except as provided in the regulation or statute.
Disclosure With Consent:
A legally emancipated or an unemancipated patient’s parents, guardians, or custodians who are legally responsible for the patient may consent to the disclosure of information relating to their mental health by providing the following:
·      Description of the specific information to be disclosed
·      Name of individual or agency that is the intended recipient of the disclosed information
·      The purpose of the disclosure
·      The expiration of the authorization to disclose, which may not exceed a year
·      Notice of right to revoke authorization
Disclosure without consent may be made pursuant to Me. Rev. Stat. tit. 34-B § 1207 (also included).

Current as of June 2015