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Computer records, Ariz. Admin. Code § 4-23-408

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“Computer Records”
Licensed Arizona pharmacies must establish policies and procedures for their computer systems that address the system’s operational capabilities (e.g., backup procedures, audit procedures, etc.). These procedures must be reviewed biennially and made available to pharmacy personnel.
Pharmacy computer systems must meet minimum standards for storing and retrieving data.  These standard include, for example, the ability retrieve patient profile information from the internet and to print a single-drug usage report. Pharmacy computer systems must protect the confidentiality of patient records by implementing security safeguards that prevent unauthorized access and modification of patient or prescription records.
Pharmacies that use a computer system must meet the requirements regarding policies and procedures, data storage and retrieval, and security within three months of receiving a noncompliance notice from the Board of Pharmacy. Arizona exempts pharmacies from these requirements if they implemented their current computer system before July 11, 2001 and manually maintain records.