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Client treatment records; confidentiality; limited disclosure permitted; definitions - Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 9-2-125

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Client Treatment Records; Confidentiality; Limited Disclosure Permitted; Definitions 
Classifies the registration and treatment records of persons receiving mental health or substance abuse treatment services at a Department of Health contracted facility as confidential. Permits individuals to consent in writing to the disclosure of their records. Requires treatment facilities to share records with the Department as a means of coordinating care and assessing compliance with legal requirements. Specifies the circumstances in which a facility may release records without an individual’s consent (e.g., for research purposes, to another treatment facility when transferring the client, pursuant to a court order, etc.).  Requires the Department to create an information system in order to track client participation in treatment services. Prohibits the system from including client case history files and requires the system to maintain client confidentiality.

Current as of June 2019