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Centralized Prescription Processing, 059-0001-2 Wyo. Code R. § 22

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Centralized Prescription Processing
Permits pharmacies to outsource dispensing to another pharmacy (“central fill pharmacy”) if the pharmacies are under common ownership, share a real-time database, maintain prescription records at the dispensing pharmacy for at least two years after the last filling date, and have a written agreement regarding the responsibilities of each pharmacy. Requires pharmacies that outsource prescription processing (“dispensing pharmacy”) to notify patients that their prescription might be outsourced. Requires central fill pharmacies, when delivering prescriptions to a patient, to include notice about the availability of patient counseling. Requires dispensing and central fill pharmacies to create policies and procedures that address items such as each pharmacy’s responsibilities, protection of confidential patient information, and operation of a continuous quality improvement program. Requires pharmacies to maintain records in an electronic database and specifies the information that must be documented in these records (e.g., transmission time stamps, method of delivery, etc.).

Current as of January 2019