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Ala. Admin. Code r. 420-5-7-.05

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Patient Rights

Hospitals are required to protect patients’ rights.  Hospitals must inform patients of their rights before furnishing or discontinuing care.  The hospital must also adopt a grievance procedure that includes timely resolution of patient concerns over quality care, and must inform patients on how to file a grievance. 

The patient has the following rights in hospitals:

  • Right to participate in his or her own care
  • Right to make informed decisions about the care provided
  • Right to produce advanced directives and have them used at the hospital. 
  • Right to personal privacy
  • Right to receive care in a safe setting
  • Right to be free from abuse
  • Right to confidentiality of medical records
  • Right to access medical record within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Right to be free from physical or mental abuse. 

Current as of June 2015