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Access to recorded personal information, A.R.S. § 20-2108

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“Access to recorded personal information”
Insurance institution, insurance producer, or insurance support organization (“Insurers”) must honor an individual’s written request to access personal information maintained by the insurer within 30 days of receiving the request. Insurers must fulfill this obligation by informing the individual of the substance of the information in writing or through oral communication, allowing the individual physical access to inspect and copy the records or mailing a copy of the records to the individual, disclosing the identity of persons to whom the insurer has disclosed the individuals’ personal information during the prior 2 years, and providing the individual with information about how they request that the insurer correct, amend, or delete information.
When an insurer receives a request for information that came from the individual’s medical record, the insurer may disclose the information to either the requesting individual or a medical provider that the individual authorizes the receive the information. Insurers must notify individuals of their decision to send the information directly to the authorized medical provider.