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Absence of Pharmacist, 059-0001-12 Wyo. Code R. § 12

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Absence of Pharmacist
Establishes standards and procedures for obtaining prescription medications in an inpatient facility when a pharmacist is not on duty. Requires nurses to keep records of drugs they access from either a floor stock or the institutional pharmacy and specifies the content of these records (e.g., patient’s name, name of drug, nurse’s signature, etc.). Prohibits nurses from removing more medication than necessary. Permits facilities to use off-site pharmaceutical care when their institutional pharmacy is closed. Requires facilities to notify the Board of Pharmacy when obtaining such services and specifies the information that facilities must include in this notice (e.g., the extent to which the off-site pharmacist will have access to patient information, a description of the communication link between the pharmacy and facility, etc.). Requires off-site pharmacists to, at minimum, provide medication review services before the medication is administered and communicate with the institutional pharmacy staff.

Current as of January 2019