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10A N.C. ADMIN. CODE § 13B.3903 - Policies and procedures under the Department of Health and Human Services regulations

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Hospitals must maintain patient records and retain them for 11 years following the discharge of the patient. In the case of a minor patient, a hospital must retain the patient’s record until the patient turns 30 years old. 
A hospital must give public notice before destroying records, to give former patients or their representatives an opportunity to claim the record. Public notice must be given via written notice to the former patient or their representative and via an advertisement in a newspaper.
Records may be microfilmed off premises provided that confidentiality is maintained. The original may not be destroyed until the medical records department has reviewed the film.
Only personnel authorized by law may access medical records. Written authorizations for disclosure of health information must be maintained in the record.
Medical records are the property of the hospital, and may only be removed by court order. Copies may be made available for authorized purposes.

Current as of January 2016