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101. Mass. Code Regs. 204.07. - Reporting Requirements

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“Reporting Requirements”
This sections lists all the required costs reporting requirements for Residential Care providers.  Each provider must complete and file a Residential Care Cost Report each calendar year. A provider that does not own the real property of the facility, and pays rent to an affiliated or non-affiliated realty trust or other business entity, must file a Realty Company Cost Report. A provider that claims management or central office expenses must file a separate Management Company Cost Report for each entity for which it claims management or central office expense. Providers must complete all required reports using the accrual method of accounting. Providers must maintain accurate, detailed, and original financial records to substantiate reported costs for a period of at least five years following the submission of required reports. Providers must maintain complete documentation of all of the financial transactions and census activity of the facility.

Current as of June 2015