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Reports - Me. Rev. Stat. tit. 22, § 8712

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The Maine Health Data Organization must file reports on both quality and payments.  The reports must be in an easy to understand format, and be publicly accessible on the internet. 

The Organization must collect and summarize quality and cost information on health care and publish annual reports based on this information.  The Organization must compare health care services information, outcomes information, effectiveness, and quality of care by health care facility and provider.  Quality of health care service information by provider type must be a publicly accessible through the internet. 

The Organization is also required to create a publicly accessible website that details payment information to health care facilities and providers for health care services rendered to patients in Maine.  The website must include payment information for health care services such as, imaging, preventative health, radiology, and surgical services.  The website must display prices paid by health insurance companies, 3rd party administrators,  and if permitted, governmental payors (such as Medicaid and Medicare). 

The Organization must also produce an annual report that compares the 15 most common diagnostic-related groups and the 15 most common outpatient procedures for all hospitals in the state and the 15 most common procedures for nonhospital health care facilities in the state to similar data available from other states.  The Organization must also provide an annual report of the 10 procedures most commonly provided by osteopathic and allopathic physicians in private office settings in the state.  This report must be distributed to all physician offices. 



Current as of June 2015