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A.R.S. § 36-125.06

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Comparative report; brochure

The Director of the Department of Health must publish a semiannual comparative report of patient charges using the statistical data generated from hospitals and emergency departments pursuant to A.R.S. § 36-125.05.  Copies of the report must be delivered to the governor, president of the senate, speaker of the house of representatives, and placed on file with the Arizona state library, archives and public records.

The Director must also simultaneously publish a brochure, which must contain simple comparisons of hospitals and emergency departments in the same geographic area of average per confinement charges for the most common diagnoses and procedures for inpatient and emergency department services.  Each hospital must obtain copies of the brochure for its geographic region and make them available in the hospital’s reception area.  There must be enough so that they can be provided for free upon request to any individual who requests one.  A hospital may charge for shipping and handling for each brochure, if it is mailed.  The director may provide, upon request, a copy of the brochure to any authorized local group or individual, and must be provided free of charge.

Current as of June 2015