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DC ST § 3-1210.11 - Patient or Client Records

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Upon written request by a patient, guardian or other authorized person, a health care provider with custody over the patient’s medical record must furnish, within a reasonable time, a complete and current copy of the medical record.  If the patient is deceased, the request may be made by:

  1. A person authorized to access the patient’s medical record through a power of attorney;
  2. The executor of the deceased’s estate;
  3. Administrator of the deceased’s estate;
  4. Temporary administrator of the deceased’s estate;
  5. Any survivor of the deceased.

A health care provider may require the patient, guardian or other authorized person to pay a reasonable fee for copying the medical record.  However, copies of x-rays are subject to different copying fees. 

Medical records must be retained for at least 3 years from the date of last contact for an adult and at least 3 years from when a minor reaches the age of majority. 

Current as of June 2015