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A.R.S. § 32-3211

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Medical Records; Protocol; Unprofessional Conduct; Corrective Action; Exemptions

A health professional (does not include health professionals employed by a health care institution as defined in A.R.S. § 36-401)  must have a written policy for secure storage, access and transfer of patient medical records.  The policy must include the following:

  • The procedure by which patients will be informed if the health professional terminates or sells his or her practice and the future location of the patient medical records and how patients may access the records.
  • The procedure by which a health professional may dispose of unclaimed medical records  after a certain time and after efforts have been made to contact the patient.
  • Procedures for timely response to patient request for access to medical records.

Health professionals must show compliance with these requirements for relicensure with the regulatory board.  Health professionals not in compliance with these requirements are committing unprofessional conduct.  If a health professional has committed unprofessional conduct, the regulatory board may take disciplinary action against the professional and/or institute corrective action.

Current as of June 2018