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Grounds for Suspension, Revocation, and Restriction for Physicians and Surgeons-Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 33-26-402

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These requirements apply to physicians and surgeons. 

The Wyoming state board of medicine may refuse to renew, and may revoke, suspend, or restrict a license or take other disciplinary action for one or more of the following grounds:
  • Intentionally falsifying or fraudulently altering a patient or health care facility record;
  • Failing to prepare and maintain legible and complete written medical records that accurately describe the medical services rendered to the patient;
  • Intentionally or negligently releasing or disclosing confidential patient information;
  • Failing or refusing to transfer a copy of patient records to the patient or the patient's legally designated representative within thirty days after receipt of a written request;
  • Utilizing experimental therapy without proper informed consent from the patient or without keeping detailed, legible records;
  • Except in emergency situations where consent cannot be reasonably obtained, assisting in the care or treatment of a patient without the consent of the patient, the attending physician or the patient's legal representative; or
  • Upon proper request by the board, failure or refusal to produce documents or other information relevant to any investigation conducted by the board.

Current as of June 2015