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Unprofessional and immoral conduct - 49 Pa. Code § 16.61

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A Board-regulated practitioner who engages in unprofessional or immoral conduct is subject to disciplinary action. Unprofessional or immoral conduct includes the following

  • Revealing personally identifiable facts obtained as the result of the practitioner-patient relationship without the prior consent of the patient (except as authorized or required by law); and
  • Failing to make the medical record or a copy of the medical record relating to a patient which is in the possession or under the control of the practitioner available to the patient or another designated health care practitioner, upon the patient’s written request, although a practitioner may withhold information from a patient if, in the reasonable exercise of professional judgment, he believes release of the information would adversely affect the patient’s health. A practitioner may charge reasonable fees for making copies available, but may not withhold a record because a patient has not previously paid for the professional services to which the record relates. 

Current as of June 2015