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Nev. Rev. Stat. § 629.061

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Health care records; Inspection; copies

These requirements apply to individual providers of health care, anyone who owns or operates an ambulance in Nevada, and any facilities that maintain patient's health care records.

A patient or an authorized representative of a patient may request to inspect the patient's health care records. Within five working days after receiving a request to examine records, the provider must make the records available for physical inspection. If the records are located outside of the state of Nevada, the provider must make the records available for inspection within ten working days after receiving the request. The provider must provide a copy of the records at the patient or authorized representative's request, and may charge a fee for such copy, to include the actual cost of postage (if any), up to 60 cents per page for photocopies, and a reasonable cost for copies of X-ray photographs and other similarly produced records. A provider may withhold copies until such fee(s) is paid. 

Current as of June 2015