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Fast Facts on Reportable Disease Forms and Privacy Now Available

All 50 states plus the District of Columbia have statutes and regulations requiring physicians and laboratories (and typically a variety of other health care providers and institutions) to report cases of certain diseases and conditions to the state and/or local health department. Reports of disease are often made after someone with a reportable illness or health condition seeks treatment... Read More >

New Perspectives from the Field: Pat Montoya, Project Director of New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality, HealthInsight New Mexico

Health Information & the Law interviews Patricia Montoya, Project Director New Mexico Coalition of Healthcare Quality, HealthInsight New Mexico as part of our new interview series, Perspectives from the Field.  Ms. Montoya shares her thoughts on the challenges and opportunities presented by efforts to share health information to support state level implementation of healthcare... Read More >

Health Information & the Law Announces a New Expert Interview Series: Perspectives from the Field

Health Information & the Law announces a new interview series, Perspectives from the Field, which will allow users to hear directly from experts in the fields of medicine, health policy, and law on issues related to the use and exchange of health information. These candid interviews reveal some of the challenges and opportunities leaders in the field have encountered ... Read More >

New Health Affairs Blog Post Written by Health Information & the Law Team Members: Ebola And EHRs: An Unfortunate And Critical Reminder

The recent incident at Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas involving the discharge and later Ebola diagnosis and death of Thomas Eric Duncan has led to a number of theories as to what went wrong.  Initial reports concluded that the hospital's electronic health record (EHR) system was to blame.  However this Health Affairs blog post points out that one of the... Read More >

New Products on 42 C.F.R. Part 2, Governing the Use and Disclosure of Substance Abuse Records, Including a Sneak Peak of Our New Interview Series

42 CFR Part 2 (commonly referred to as "Part 2") are the federal regulations governing the confidentiality of drug and alcohol abuse treatment and prevention records. The regulations set forth requirements applicable to certain federally assisted substance abuse treatment programs limiting the use and disclosure of substance abuse patient records and identifying information.  There has been... Read More >

Health Information & the Law Welcomes HIT Week 2014 with New Products on Interoperability, the JASON Report, and Patient Data

Health Information Technology Week celebrates in 9th year in 2014 (September 15 - 19). This week is intended to focus national attention on the importance and value of enhancing health care through the best use of information technology. Health Information & the Law works year-round to increase awareness of these issues and in celebration of HIT Week has released new products centering on... Read More >

New Products on Patient-Generated Health Data

Health-related data that is created or gathered by the patient is known as “patient-generated health data” (PGHD).  Patients are increasingly collecting and sharing PGHD with their providers, health plans, and patient support networks, through various e-health tools, such as mobile apps, personal health record (PHR) systems, and online patient-powered research networks (e.g.,... Read More >

New Products on Antitrust and Health Care

The recent push toward information transparency in the health care arena may be deemed as anti-competitive and in violation of federal antitrust laws.  The current health care environment encourages health information exchange, which in some cases includes the exchange of pricing information.  Pricing information may be exchanged for quality purposes as well as to design and implement... Read More >

RWJF Offers Recommendations in Response to Wyden-Grassley Letter Requesting Comment on Ways to Enhance the Availability and Utility of Health Care- Related Data

On June 12, 2014, Senators Wyden and Grassley issued a letter requesting comments on ways to enhance the availability and usability of health care data, while also maintaining and protecting patient privacy.  They key areas that stakeholders were requested to provide input on were: 1.  What data sources should be made more broadly available? 2.  How, in what form, and for what... Read More >

New Products on Integrated Care Models

An integrated care model is a dynamic approach to delivering health care services.  Key to the delivery of integrated care is a high degree of collaboration and communication among all the health care providers involved in the continuum of care for any given patient.  This model is designed to break-through the barriers that define the current fragmented and siloed nature of the health... Read More >